New Special Online Concert! 29th October 2020-8pm

With all forms of Scottish Country Dancing, Box & Fiddle clubs and most live music across Scotland, and indeed the wider world, currently on hold, this special show gives you the opportunity to join and interact with Tom Orr and his 6-piece band for the first ever ‘live virtual dance band concert.’

The find out more please click the following link: 

This special night of Scottish dance music will be hosted by BBC Radio Scotland’s Take the Floor presenter Gary Innes, who will also invite the Tom onto the couch for a chat to find out a little more about him and his band. Viewers will also be encouraged to send in their own questions for Tom and the band.

A night of great music, fun and excitement not to be missed.

About Tom

Tom Orr is one of the brightest and leading exponents of Scottish Dance Band music presenting a youthful approach to an idiom that is steeped in tradition. Tom Orr is a musician that pushes the boundaries, challenging his team to explore alternative influences. The outcome speaks for itself and the technique and musicality of the musicians has created a lively, diverse, innovative, unique sound.

His latest album, ‘Off the Beaten Track’ presents the band at their very best. Recorded in the Borders, in a relaxed environment, the individual characters within the band flourished, capturing something special. The album is packed with tunes arranged and played in a fashion unique to The Tom Orr Band. Variety is the name of the game here, with tracks ranging from vintage pipe tunes to hot-off-the-press compositions, duets and adventurous reels, all of which demonstrate the wide capabilities of a traditional 6 piece line up played at its very best. “Off The Beaten Track” will certainly take you to a new place. Two accordions, fiddle, piano, drums and bass…..the perfect combination for “Off The Beaten Track” !


Here are some samples from the new album.



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Tom Orr – Tomorrow’s World CD (£7.00)

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